Why Houston is a Great City to Live In

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When it comes to top U.S. cities, people would often relate Los Angeles and New York. Apart from being popular cities, it is where people usually go to pursue their dreams. However, there is one city that is capable of fulfilling such ambition. That city is Houston.
Houston is located in East Texas. Yes, the city is hot and humid all year round and it is even prone to occasional hurricanes. But the city remains as one of the top livable cities in the country. Here are reasons why many people are now moving to Houston.

More Jobs are Generated in Houston

As an economic juggernaut, Houston is the forerunner in creating jobs in the country. The strong job market is the number one reason people move to Houston. Some parts of Houston even have zero unemployment rates!

Jobs in Houston come from major industries like oil and gas, manufacturing, technology, and business services. After all, the city is home to 26 Fortune 500 companies. The oil and gas industry in particular remains the biggest in the country and about 3.4 percent jobs come from companies like Conoco Philips and Marathon. In addition, Houston has the largest port in terms of tonnage handled. This generates even more jobs as both domestic and international businesses converge here.

Low Cost of Living

Another main reason why people move to Houston is the low cost of living. Other cities in the U.S. like Los Angeles and New York are too overwhelming for some people. Houston on the other hand remains within reach. Consumer prices, utilities, and transport costs remains relatively low. Blue collar workers and the rest of the middle class in Houston enjoy their paychecks compared to other people working in other states.

Low Tax Rate

In line with the low cost of living, people also enjoy the low tax rate in Houston. This is the reason why people enjoy their salary even more. While other states like California have higher pay rate, the cost of living and tax are higher as well. Houston remains attractive because of low tax rate.

Attractive Housing Market

People often move to new places where housing market is attractive. In Houston, housing prices are within reach. This makes the city more attractive to first time home buyers.

Amazing Cuisine

Houston is one of the best places to experience great food. Restaurants offering a wide variety of cuisine continue to flourish in the city. One of the famous restaurants in Houston – Uchi, continues to amaze food lovers and food critics across the country.

Topnotch Education

Houston is also the best city for people with kids. Education system remains ideal for learning. Education level is highest in the state. Families with kids moving to Houston have plenty of educational options to choose from.

Houston may lack the topography and ideal weather like the rest of the U.S. cities. However, when it comes to liveable places in the country, Houston remains on top due to its low cost of living, low tax rate, lucrative job offers, and business opportunities.

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